Hedieh Rasteh, Founder
After graduating from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor degree in Arts, Hedieh entered the hotel industry and has been a manager with one of the most prestigious global hotel companies for the past 9 years. Her work also took her to New York, where she lived for four and half years. During her time there, Hedieh also obtained a Certificate in Interior design from Parsons, the New School for Design. Hedieh has always been passionate about creating a line of hand made, one of a kind pieces of jewelry, made of pearls and semi precious stones. Hedieh is now once again back to living in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Where did the name Amouro come from?
The name Amouro is a combination of Hedieh’s younger brother’s name Amir (nicknamed Amiro), and the French word for love, Amour.

Every piece is also named, and will continue to be named after Hedieh’s friends and people who continue to influence her for many years to come.

About Amouro